3 10 2009

Mobile devices have impacted the ways in which consumers interact with organizations by making information quickly accessible.  Long gone are the days of telling your partners “The information is on my PC at home,” or “The laptop is in the car the battery is low and I am going to have to call back after the little league game,” thus resulting in the loss of a deal or missing a great store sale, and goodness forbid an “opportunity”.

This new medium gives companies the ability to speak to each consumer immediately at an exact location and time.  The experience that a brand owner delivers to its customers is going to be just as important as considering the consumer’s behavior, according to a recent whitepaper released by, who have the largest reach of any mobile ad network with 50% of the U.S. mobile web audience and one in three iPhones worldwide.

Through research and data analysis of consumer behavior and mobile device use, companies would do well to create mobile ready websites that allow Customer Relations Management (CRM).  These companies will do extremely well; the consumer will look to get medical records, payroll, social network information, bank statements, transaction statements, vouchers, statistical data and more through their mobile devices.  Problem is most company’s do not have a .mobi or a mobile ready website. A company that seems to “get it” is Bank of America, (; they seem to understand the mobile user better than most companies out there so they are definitely ahead of the pack.  Another company that seems to get it is , although they sell and host all domains their niche market is the mobile marketing community they sell the .mobi extension along with free mobile websites and hosting with the purchase of your domain name.

As consumers need for data continuously grows, the consumer will become increasingly more dependent on their mobile devices, advertisers and businesses do well to push to get their products and services in front of the consumer through the most economical, fastest, and portable medium available, the cellphone or as the more formal world would call it mobile devices.TV PHONE




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6 10 2009
Tim Ellington

Thank you for putting out this blog. it was right on time for me. I will follow up with you soon.

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