8 10 2009

Sad to say I am the eternal head in a book junkie, a middle-aged nerd, a nightmare.  When I post to my blogs I tend to become a tad emotional about a subject I may have researched to death.  I consume books and data like a beat up old clunker consumes gas.  Which is probably my obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) kicking in ensuring that I deliver to my readers information that is correct and has been validated.  Understanding that I live practically everywhere on the net you would have thought that I would have discovered this little jewel of information years ago.  But to my credit the Internet is still a baby and has so much more to offer it’s users.

Mobile Web Domain Flipping

I have discovered Domain Flipping and Parking, I would not have believed in it myself but get this I made almost $1000 for a .mobi I paid only $16.49 for, that is intellectual property flipping at it’s best.  The secret to this very lucrative game is finding a name that will generate traffic have it hosted, parked or forwarded to a page or blog with your google adsense words or your affiliate links listed on it and watch it generate a healthy income for you.  You can purchase a domain name at , you can also get these names appraised at they have an appraisal service that you can pay a small monthly fee to access.  Speaking as a real property owner this is like buying real estate in the late 60’s, you just listen for or keep abreast of best areas in your town (in virtual land that is the internet buzz words, you can find these at ).   Grab a like minded domain name post your adsense and affiliate links on the page, use to shorten your url to your page, then blog, tweet, and facebook  the site location you can also invest in a PPC campaign (pay per click campaign) through google, msn, or yahoo, create a call to action.  And like a business you have now basically opened a mall of information to your constituents the shops (affiliates) that chose to be in your mall must sell what your mall feels will generate the likely traffic that the name attracts.

Example: You would not purchase a domain name such as and list affiliate links on your page for baby clothes!

What is a .mobi

With the induction of mobile technology 4th generation (4G) Smartphones have now hit the market.  These phones are mobile mini internet browsers with which, much like the .com era,  have now given business a new advertising medium.  A .mobi extension is more coveted than .com, simply because more people peruse their phones at any given time than the internet and it moves with the consumer.  Speaking of new mobile ready baby sister, sold for a whopping $200,000 (virtual real estate at its best), would you believe is valued at $1,100,000 incredible and yes I have already check has already been snapped up.  Two mobile ready website owners that get it are and   Now is the time to purchase these names and flip them one such site that I have seen that is very inexpensive to purchase these names at is their niche is marketing to the mobile savvy business that wants to be on the forefront of this new advertising medium.  With the purchase of a domain name you receive free hosting, a mobile ready website, email, email forwarding and masking, and a blogcast not bad for $10.99(.com) and $16.49 (.mobi) a year all you need to bring is content.  REMEMBER THE BROADER THE NAME OR “BRAND” THE BETTER THE VALUE.




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13 10 2009

Not trying to suck up or anything but you are by far the coolest cat on the block. You know more and do more on the internet than anyone I have ever had the privilege to know. It would be like wanting to see the lands of America and not following Lewis and Clark. I hope I can just keep up.

14 10 2009

I have discussed this with my co-workers numerous times. Why not buy a piece of property on the internet only to flip it later? Why not prowl the internet and see whose site registration is about to expire, and jump on those who are caught sleeping! Great post, I am always looking for ways to make residual income on the internet. Keep it coming!

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