16 10 2009

Those that know the “Diva of Development” know that I am a big supporter of mobile marketing and advertising, my niche’ if you would say.  My quest in business is to help small and large brand business to develop an online presence on the web, this is an excellent time to break into mobile advertising.

With the release of the new 3GS Smartphones Sprint has already put everyone on notice about the release of a 4G Smartphone that will load fast and accommodate video and those snazzy flash programs equipped in most non mobile ready websites.

Google the guru of search engines has done something pretty amazing in preparation for this new terrain in advertising such as create “ANDROID” which is an operating system that they provide to any manufacture in business for free.  The manufacture will save 30-40% in conversions and those savings can be passed on to the consumer.

Now the “Diva” knows that some will argue that you can maintain your .com and have your site optimized for mobile browsing, this is true and can do this for you as well.  But as a brand advertiser there will only be two main platforms that are heavily patronized by the consumer to get your products in front of, the standard desktop or laptop PC and your mobile device and a .mobi will distinguish which of the two avenues you have chosen.  A dot mobi also distinguishes how your content will be viewed mobile ready website are particular to the device they are viewed on check on vs

According to Kimberly Smith of Marketing Profs, mobile marketing provides fewer barriers to entry, a growing user consent, unmistakable immediacy, tremendous targeting capabilities, measurable data, response tracking for traditional media, and killer response rates which is perhaps it’s novelty of the platform or the sense of a more personal interaction.  Mobile marketing is generating ‘frightening good” results and much better than online marketing according to Joy Liuzzo, director of marketing and mobile research for digital marketing research firm InsightExpress.

My next post will show how this platform can “reach the hard to reach”:  See how elusive markets can be won over when mobile marketing is employed to reach them on their own terms.




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17 10 2009

Awesome blog!

I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

25 10 2009
Dave Weston

Thank you so much for the “Diva of Development.” After reading your blog, I feel very excited about the mobi revolution. You almost single handedly gave me a strong possibility of getting paid online by utilizing mobi ready sites. Additionally, you saved me from being late to the mobi dance and potentially losing exposure because of it. Great work Diva; thank you for having such a focused blog. Your unique knowledge of this subject provides others great insight and is a true service to your fellow online viewers. Keep up the good work—your detailed and important subject is your strongest asset in this blog. I’ll definitely be back. I know this is a great place to get direction about the new mobi take over—the Diva will provide.

Since you helped me a great deal, I hope I can do the same. I have about 3 ½ years experience in Internet marketing and have noticed a way to possibly help your efforts in regards to the keywords you’ve chosen to target/tag in this post. For instance, mobile, marketing, advertising, websites, etc. are too broad. You won’t rank well for these keywords. The keyword ‘mobile’ has over 1 billion indexed pages under it. You simply won’t rank anywhere near the 1st page of Google. Which means this post will never show on Google for this keyword. In order to rank well and draw as much targeted traffic to your site, you’d need to target more user specific keyword phrases. Something like (and this is just of the top of my head) ‘mobile advertising for beginners’ is what you’re looking for. This phrase suggests that someone is new to this form of advertising and they’re looking for help. Who better to help them than the Diva of Development? This method is called picking the low hanging fruit. A good place to study good keyword phrases is Google’s Keyword Tool ( It’s a free service from who else, Google—the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

I hope I’ve helped out at least a little, as you’ve helped me out a lot. Thanks again Diva!

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