About the Diva of Development


I am happy to welcome you to one of my official websites.  I am the “Diva of Development”, what I do is help you to navigate through this fast moving virtual world called the World Wide Web.  I will post weekly about interesting findings, people, news, and websites to help you to gain visibility via the Internet.  As a fellow netizen I will help you to evaluate your situation so that you make the best decisions when representing your products or services to your consumers.  I help you to develop your online business, tell your story, and build your brand.

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My name is LaTonya Higgins my brand is the “Diva of Development” and my niche is Mobile Advertising.  I am an over 40 year old divorcee and mother of 3 young tech crazed adults.  My story is I bought my first business online about 6 years ago for $650 and that virtual business went on to make me 250k a year for two years.  I am currently attending college to get my MS Degree in Internet Marketing and Advertising (GPA 3.8).  My passion is the Internet.  I live on the Internet, I have over one thousand websites memorized alone.  Some would classify me an information junkie or a bit of a workaholic, very competitive and a bit of a bull dog when I am on to something.

What I as the “Diva of Development” began to quickly notice is that many people just don’t know where to start and that many of the product wholesalers and sub-service providers and those in need of services assume that you already know everything.

I am an Internet Marketing and Advertising specialist possessing  over 15 years experience in online business development (Remember Arpanet…lol…).  I have worked with and for the City of Los AngelesYEL PROGRAMDF EnterprisesNivri, Inc.and numerous other companies.  I AM THE “DIVA OF DEVELOPMENT”.  I have a vast knowledge of online business development and six sigma lean, I assist in the development of a new company from the ground up or to revamp a company that is currently struggling in todays economy.

Member of the WIO.org , NAR.orgWDDA.org


My job is to help you to find good products to sell, or find what you are good at and offer it as a service based business.  I am here to help you as an individual, online business, or brick and mortar to gain web visibility.  To build your products and your brand.  Everyone has a story and I want to help you tell it.


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9 03 2010

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