10 11 2009

My initial plan was to do a post this week on “How to Get the Most out of your PPC Campaigns for Mobile”.  But in my search to provide structured information I found an interesting article dated 11/09/09.

But I just read the shocking news that Google is planning on acquiring the worlds largest mobile advertising platform.   I came across an article published by Zachary Rodgers,  of ClickZ. was started in 2006 and has had a major growth explosion year over year.  As expected since there are 4.3 billion mobile devices in the world and growing.  Also in some countries most people find desktops to expensive to own so they access the web via their mobile phones.  This has provided the mobile powerhouse the ability to provide ads to more than 15,000 websites and applications and vastly still growing.

Jason Spero spoke on the rapid growth surge Google has experienced on it’s Android platform according to it’s traffic reports.  According to market research firm IDC, there are 546 million mobile web users in the world and a forecast number of more than 1.5 billion.  The web users in the United States alone have grown 25% up from 49 million the previous year according to Nielsen online.  Google ain’t no fool.

When this deal goes through it well be the 3rd largest deal in Googles history.  With growing in its global reach this would be a very much welcomed acquisition for Google.  I also have Dave Weston an associate keyword seo consultants help with going in to a deeper thought on this very interesting story.  If any of you out there have a comment on this story please leave it for me, I would love to here your thoughts on this new Google gobble up!