22 09 2010

EVERYBODY in business albeit large, medium, and/or small. WAKE UP people this is the wave of now not tommorrow.
The question recently posed was to give information on a company that has adapted mobile advertising on to it’s platform of marketing as a way for it to be found through engaging it’s users via discounts, deals or incentives, product reviews, customer review, or through building trust. What I think should be noted even more are the mobile platforms that the advertising are put on and also will the advertisements be web based or device based. This will allow for how the application must be built. It can be more expensive depending on how the application is built and the offers being made. If the application is device built you must take into consideration all mobile devices (i.e. iPads, Laptops, iphones, Android phones, Windows Phones, etc…), were as if the application is web oriented you only have to build to suit the devices that open the page in mobile web based browsers.

On major application that works as a generic announcement to all businesses is TWITTER, this application can be API to any platform and can emit discounts, offer rewards points if you hit a hashtag, (#tag_me) or sneak a click to call site in on a mobile device. The TWITTER API works wonderfully for all business. A more specific application is the OPEN TABLE application, this application has made more then a dent in the mobile arena and now they have created API that allows you to link into their platform if your are of the culinary type business and utilize it’s ability to get you seated at a restaurant before you arrive along with GPS MAPPING. This application has made more than a dent in the mobile applications market. This application happens to be one of the offerings of the Microsoft SDK programs for build on its platform along with TWITTER. I am very excited to see what the world of mobile applications is going to be bringing us as the holiday season quickly approaches. I currently am managing code for the new interactive televisions to interact with your mobile device and I am so loving this new digital era we are now in.